Based out of Lawrence, KS, Fall Risk is a jazz + funk band comprised of 9 KU students. They specialize in high energy arrangements of popular songs and party standards ranging from the 1960's all the way up to current top 40 chart toppers. The horn section adds a groovy twist to the typical rock band set up. The band operates as a music collective, featuring singers, soloists, composers and arrangers.

Meet The Band

Ally Fabes

Born and raised in NYC, Allyson is a student at KU majoring in saxophone performance. She also plays clarinet and flute, and teaches music lessons.


Ben Shenberg

Guitar, Vocals
Ben is an Information Systems major at KU and has been playing guitar for 14 years. He plays in 3 bands, leads services in the Jewish Community, and teaches guitar lessons.


Owen Heffernan

Owen, a Lawrence native, attends KU to study sociology and psychology in hopes of obtaining mind-reading powers. Hobbies: magnets, neuro-biology, and planking.


Zach Dixon

Zachary is a sophomore music education major at KU. He has been playing saxophone for 10 years. Idolizes the original power rangers. Takes long walks to taco bell.


David Thal

David, a St. Louis native, is a trumpet performance student at KU. His music background ranges from classical to jazz to funk to drum corps, and even rock.

Matthew MacKay

Matthew is a Computer Engineering major and Music minor at KU. Matthew is from Colorado Springs and he also plays guitar, tuba, and trombone.

Donovan Miller

Donovan is a senior at KU majoring in music with an emphasis in jazz. He has been playing the drums for over 17 years and will continue to play drums as his career.


Josh Patrick

Josh is a Kansas native and currently studies at the University of Kansas. He has been playing low brass instruments for ten years.


Josh Hugo

Josh is a senior at KU from Rosemount, Minnesota. He has played for 9 years and shows a range of diversity in his playing. He also produces, mixes, and masters his own music.


Music Coming Soon...


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